How it Works

How it Works

1) Checkout with a slot for the item you are trying to purchase on our site. You have only checked out once you have a valid order number with us and account made.

2) The information provided in the first form is the information that will be utilized on release day to both cart and checkout your order on the retail site. We use this information to complete the ‘Auto-Checkout’ process.

3) The second form is the checkout process (Stripe) on our site, this form is paying for the service fee (which never includes the retail cost of the item) you are purchasing but the fee to checkout and secure the item you desire. Only an authorization is charged meaning it is a hold on the funds which will be effective immediately after checkout.

4) The authorization is a temporary hold that will only be completed if your order is successful. If your order fails it will be dropped off of your account.

5) All order statuses will be updated to your account on our site within 24-72 hours of the release time unless otherwise stated. You can check the order status here. Please note you must be logged in to view your recent orders.

6) You only pay for success! If for any reason your order fails on release day your funds will be processed back into your account and you will not be charged the service fee. You do not need to request a refund if your order does not make it through as they are automatic.

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