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    Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Zebra Restock (US AUTO-CHECKOUT)

    Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Zebra Restock Style Code: CP9654 Release Date: June 24th 2017 Retail Price: $220 (Does not include service fee of $250) Orders will be ran on Adidas US online, Footsites (Footlocker, Eastbay, Finishline, and more). You have the chance of hitting multiple pairs for one fee. You are paying for one slot, if you hit any extra you will not be charged any additional fee. YOUR BILLING/SHIPPING MUST BE THE SAME AND ZIP CODE MUST MATCH CARD – INFO ON THE FIRST FORM (Below)  WILL BE USED ON RELEASE DAY TO SUBMIT YOUR ORDER. PLEASE USE AN EMAIL THAT HAS NEVER BEEN USED TO ORDER ON ADIDAS BEFORE OR ASSOCIATED TO AN ADIDAS ACCOUNT. (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) Please Read ---> FAQ Am I charged now or later for the service fee of $250? After you checkout on our site the $250 service fee will be charged as an authorization on your card. That fee will only fully complete once your order is successful and the $220 retail cost will follow after. If for any reason your order fails to checkout on release day the service fee will be dropped and fully refunded to your account. What am I purchasing from your site? -You are purchasing a slot with us that we will run in our system on release day that is good for (one pair). This system allows us to cart and submit your order in your desired size within seconds to minutes. This does NOT include the retail cost. You will be paying the service fee of  ($250) that will be charged on the card once you checkout on our site, if your order is successful on release day then the other $220 retail cost will be charged on your card from Adidas. Can I purchase multiple slots? -Yes, only if you are able to provide different details on each order. (Payment method, Address, Email, Phone, etc..) -If you order multiple slots with the same information your orders run the risk of getting cancelled. If you choose not to listen and multiple pairs checkout with the same information then get cancelled, any refunds are voided. So please if you order multiple make sure you provide different information that does not match your previous order with us. Is this guaranteed? -No although we have an extremely high success rate we cannot 100% guarantee your order will submit, as there are many variables that come into play on release day. You will have success or receive a full refund on your order with us within 24-48hrs from the release date. What am I filling out in the first form for this slot? -The first form of the shoe slot is the information that will be used on release day to checkout with your pair. The second part is the payment for our service fee which will be processed through Stripe payment systems, all encrytped through SSL security. The second part to pay the service fee will be charged the second you checkout on our site and after you receive an order number. How do I know If I checked out on your site? And how can I make sure my info is 100% correct? -If you got an order number after you checked on our site you are set to go and can check your status here It should say “Processing” that means your payment went through. Your payment will be held in an authorization and only completed once successful. The status of your order may not be fully updated until 24-48hrs after the release. You can always contact us directly to get the current status, response time may vary. Please make sure the information provided in the forms is 100% correct we cannot guarantee any order changes will be applied. ANY orders submitted will be set to run on release day and will only be refunded if failed. Please make sure you would like to order with us before you submit payment as we will not allow any cancellations or refunds prior to release. The total to secure this shoe will amount to $220 (retail) + $250 (service fee). The service fee is charged up front, and the retail cost is only charged on release day once the successfully submitted order is placed. If you are confused on the process please read our how it works page here or email us at