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    Nike x Travis Scott Air Force 1

    Release Date: August 10th, 2018 Retail Price: $150 (Does not include service fee of $50.00) Orders will be ran on multiple sites releasing the shoe. You will receive an email confirmation upon successful checkout. You only pay for success - If for any reason your order fails you will be fully refunded the service fee. YOUR BILLING/SHIPPING MUST BE THE SAME AND ZIP CODE MUST MATCH CARD – INFO ON THE FIRST FORM (Below)  WILL BE USED ON RELEASE DAY TO SUBMIT YOUR ORDER. Please make sure the information provided in the forms is 100% correct we cannot guarantee any order changes will be applied. ANY orders submitted will be set to run on release day and will only be refunded if failed. Please make sure you would like to order with us before you submit payment as we will not allow any cancellations or refunds prior to release. The service fee is charged up front, and the retail cost is only charged on release day once the successfully submitted order is placed. The total cost for this order will amount to TBD(retail) + $50 (fee).  If you are confused on the process please read our how it works page here or email us at admin@sneakeraccess.com